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OrcaNation, Asia’s leading 5-star Instructor Development Centre, provides PADI certified dive courses and fun diving options on Pulau Rawa. The island is situated with the Sultan Iskandar Marine Park, which is one reason why the marine life here is abundant and diverse. Rawa Island is also home to one of the best colonies of anemonefish. Expect to scuba dive alongside coral catsharks and turtles as well as octopi, cuttlefish, and an amazing variety of sea urchins. The versatility of ocean currents makes Rawa Island the ideal location for children’s and beginner dive courses as well as certified and speciality dive courses and night diving.

For a detailed consultation with an OrcaNation representative to discuss any of our PADI Dive Courses, programmes or dive equipment we offer, please visit Orcanation’s website , contact dive@orcanation.org or call +65 3165 0000.

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Rawa Island Resort.